Amirhossein Hosseinpour

CEO at Black Swan Lab / CEO at Pepro Dev

Hi, I’m Amirhossein Hosseinpour from Tehran ( originally from Sari ). I have a BA in English translation studies and MA in Teaching English, and I have worked as an ESL Teacher for about 4 years. At 2017, I started my own software company named Black Swan Lab. After a year, moved to Tehran and joined another startup, Pepro Co. Pepro was focused on Web Designing and Black Swan was busy with Web Development projects. Pepro Offered me CTO title and I accepted it. At 2020 with help of Pepro CEO, we decided to join Black Swan Lab and Pepro Co's development teams together and form a company named Pepro Dev under my authority. So did we. Today, I'm happily working as CEO of Black Swan Lab and CEO of Pepro Dev, working remotely at home (because of COVID-19) doing development, management, online teaching, exercising and bringing noble ideas into action.

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