Amirhossein Hosseinpour

Senior WordPress Developer / CEO at Pepro Dev | +98911 862 9342

So you think WordPress is only for Blogging? I assure you there is a lot you can do with WordPress, you just need a passionate, crazy, WordPressoholic developer. Hi, I'm Amirhossein Hosseinpour, Web Developer and Web Designer, and a WordPress worm! I'm specialized in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform (including WooCommerce as well), and Love making bugs and spending hours looking for missing semicolon! I've developed over hundreds of plugins and surely made many contribution to Open-source projects like WordPress and other software in various platforms, which are all hosted/listed in either my GitHub account or Official WordPress Plugins Directory or somewhere else out there, I really didn't have much time putting them all together in one place but I successfully managed to set this site up and list some of my really most important links there. So! check it out.

My skills:
~ CSS3, Bootstrap, Material UI, W3CSS
~ Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery
~ PHP, MySQL, AutoIt, Git
~ NginX Server, IIS Server, XAMPP
~ Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
~ WordPress Advanced Development/Customization
~ WooCommerce Advanced Development/Customization
~ WP/WC Internationalization / Ajax Calls / Hooks / APIs
~ Clean Code + Collaborative + Always POSITIVE

Making bugs is my hobby, fixing them is my job. I'm a great admirer of Tranceform music and I'm also a good reader and fast learner!

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